What To Expect

Things to know

There is a full induction and welcoming programme to help people settle into their time with us here in Blackpool.

Participants are then assigned to a church in Blackpool for their main placement for the year. They will spend most of their week getting involved with whatever ministry is happening at that church, being part of the leadership team and taking part in preaching, leading services and taking part in other ministries as suitable.

They will also complete a course in Urban Leadership which takes one evening per week for the whole year.

Participants will also take turns going to the local High School Chaplaincy department and Hospital Chaplaincy team. They will also visit a group of religious sisters to learn about the religious life, visit Army Chaplaincy and Prison Chaplaincy and have the opportunity to explore getting involved with local Christian charities.

From time to time, individuals also can have short placements tailored to their needs – e.g. a week at the cathedral, in rural ministry or on university chaplaincy duty.

We also all go on retreat together, usually about halfway through the year, to step back from the busyness of ministry life and reflect on what God is doing in our lives.

We know that those who come on the Blackpool Ministry Experience are expecting to hear from God about what to do with the rest of their lives so we also offer mentors, chaplains and vocations support, as well as regular supervision with their own placement supervisors.

We also know that Blackpool has a lot to offer, so we even have a budget for our BME participants to socialise together to help them bond as a team and enjoy their social time here too.

We want to help everyone live the abundant life promised by our Saviour Jesus Christ, to achieve their potential and not let anything stand in their way.

Meet The Participants

Get to know the past and present faces of the Blackpool Ministry Experience.

Where we live

Participants live together in a three-bedroom terraced house on an estate in Blackpool. They each have their own bedroom and they share a bathroom, kitchen and living room. There is a house chaplain who visits weekly to catch up and pray. Participants also have a hospitality budget they can use to invite people round for dinner or social events.

The house is on a bus route which takes you right into the heart of Blackpool and it is also within walking distance of a convenience shop, chippy, pharmacy, doctor’s surgery, library, butty shop, and it’s just a 20 minute walk to a Tesco Extra and other stores.

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